We mean what we say and we say what we mean! When you as a user send a Tellem to a business or a professional user, your identity is not disclosed to them. They will never know who sent the Tellem to them.

When a business or a professional sends a reply back to one of your Tellems, you do know that the reply came from them. So in summary, when you send a Tellem to a business or professional it is anonymous, but when they reply to one of your Tellems, you know it came from them.

Tellems can only be sent to paid users. So if your friend or family member has subscribed to a paid Tellem business or professional account, you will be able to send them a Tellem.

Yes! You can use landline number for setting up a business location, service, or in general a number to which the Tellems will be linked. Once this is set up, you can start receiving Tellems on that number. However, you will not be notified when Tellems are received for that number. The only way to view Tellems for that number will be through the online dashboards. You will also be able to respond to Tellems from the online dashboard.

If you want to be instantly notified that you have received Tellems on a number, you will need to install the Tellem app on a smartphone.

We save Tellems up to the last 24 months for any account. The Tellems are then deleted on a rolling basis. That is, any Tellem older than 24 months will be automatically deleted from our databases.

Yes! With every location you add under your account, you have the option of forwarding Tellems received for that location to up to 3 mobile numbers. We call these "forwarding numbers". When a Tellem is received for the location number, it is automatically forwarded to forwarding numbers associated with that location.

The first forwarding number for each location is free. The second and third forwarding numbers are charged at $3.00 per month.

Simple, when you set up your account, add the names of your key employees or key customers as locations. Any Tellems received for these employees or customers will be automatically routed to the numbers you set up for them.

Sure! Let's say you want Lisa in your organization to respond to Tellems. You can give Lisa access to the phone that will receive Tellems, but not make her an administrator for your account. That way, only you will be able to log into your online account and view dashboards and Lisa can respond to Tellems as they are received.

We do not have this functionality available at the moment, but will be launching it very soon.

We do not have this functionality available at the moment, but will be launching it very soon.