Mobile app based anonymous incident reporting tool to foster a more safe and secure environment.
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Tellem for MeToo can help

Foster a more safe and secure environment

  • Allows school/employer to receive incident reports by location (by campus, by department)
  • Allows school/employer to respond to anonymous sender to follow-up and address the issue
  • Gives school/employer real time dashboards showing incidents by number, location, etc.
  • Potential deterrent for perpetrators as anyone can easily report incidents at any time
  • Contributes to preventing small problems from becoming major issues including lawsuits, liability and reputational harm
  • Free for all students. Can be downloaded in seconds during orientation
  • Students are more likely to report incidents because Tellem is anonymous and text based

Free for students and employees



FREE FOR students and employees

You read that right. Tellem is free for your students and employees. We don't charge them anything for using Tellem.


per month (2018 pricing)


For schools, universities, businesses, institutions, and everyone else.